Friday, July 13, 2012

Acrobatic Felines: The Caracal

(Almost) everybody loves cats!  Not only the domestic kitties, but wild cats too, like the speedy cheetah, the social lion, and the elusive snow leopard, among others.  But most people don't know that there are all sorts of different cats, and thirty-six generally accepted species of cats!  Many have numerous sub-species as well, the leopard having eight or nine all by itself.

Today, I am going to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite wild cats: the caracal, which is fortunately labeled "Least Concern" by the IUCN.  The caracal is found all over Africa, pretty much except in the rainforests and the deserts, as you can see in the map below.  The caracal is also found in various non-African countries, such as Israel, Iran, Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, and India.

I am not going to do a lot of talking (which is not normal, believe me), as words can't really do justice to what this cat can do.  So just click the link below, and be amazed.  (I actually have never watched this video with the audio on, so I don't even know what he is saying, because I think that the audio would simply detract from the video.  Enjoy!)

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