Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Squirrel Prints, Plus Some Bird Ones, Too!

As I MENTIONED YESTERDAY, we got our first real snow yesterday, and there were some squirrel footprints in our driveway.  After I made the post, when I got home, my father pointed out some bird footprints on the back porch, and this morning I saw some more, better squirrel prints on our back stoop.  I decided to share these cool prints with you as well, since squirrels and birds are quite rare in North America!  (Sarcasm).  The first two picture are of the bird tracks, and then all of the rest are from the eastern fox squirrel.
Bird tracks
I forgot the flash for this one, but I thought that the bird footprints still looked pretty cool with the green light coming from our back-porch light!

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