Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How Would Stegosaurus Have Sex? [FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY] (Stegosaurus Week)

In the newest episode of "Animal Explorations With Zack Neher," we investigate (with Hugh Hefner) a very interesting dilemma that has puzzled paleontologists for a plethora of years: how would Stegosaurus and its relatives have had sex?
After I posted this video, Matthew Mossbrucker, the director of the Morrison Natural History Museum, commented on the post, with some very important and interesting information!  Here is what Mr. Mossbrucker had to say:

"Quite a few folks have pondered this through the years - myself included. Allow me to put on my Dr. Ruth field hat for a moment. Heinrich Mallison's concept of the African stegosaur Kentrosaurus mating seems plausible to me. I've assumed this myself as a default mating position for these animals. My read of the tail base in Stegosaurus is a bit different than Brian Switek's analysis. While it is true that our North American stegosaurs had limited up-down motion at the base of the tail, stegosaurs do something for ornithischian dinosaurs: they have the ability to twist their tails in a corkscrew-like fashion. I can envision a standing female Stegosaurus twisting her tail to one side and therefore removing obstacles for her mate. Unlike the boated models in your photo, a living Stegosaurus would have been able to stand and even walk on its hind-limbs with grace. So, therefore I see no barrier putting a male into mating position. So, there you have it."

There we have it indeed!  I hope you find that enlightening, as well as the video!  The dilemma definitely makes more sense after hearing what Mr. Mossbrucker has to say!
Want to learn more about Stegosaurus and it's relatives?  Well, check out the Homebase for Stegosaurus Week HERE to partake in more of the festivities! 

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