Friday, September 27, 2013

Other Things at the Quarry: Dinosaur Road Trip With Grace Part 5


-Grace Albers and I are taking a trip down to Dinosaur National Monument in Utah and Colorado.
-We checked out some cool petroglyphs and then camped the night.
-We arrived at the quarry and checked out all of the awesome bones on the quarry face.
-And now....
In the last post, we looked at a bunch of pictures that we took from the second floor viewing platform of the quarry face.  In this post, we have traveled below the viewing platform to the first floor to check out some of the awesome fossils that they had below!  Below is a diagram of the quarry wall that shows where the original discovery of the site was made!
Here we have the skull of a species of Allosaurus called Allosaurus jimmadseni!  I believe that this species has not been officially described, but to be honest, the genus Allosaurus is a bit of a mess, so I'm not really sure what exactly is going on!
The arm of Allosaurus.
The foot bones that were discovered of Allosaurus jimmadseni inside a reconstructed footprint!
The skull of Allosaurus jimmadseni in situ (which means that it still is in the rock).
The skull of Allosaurus!
The reconstructed skeleton of Allosaurus!
This nearly complete juvenile skeleton of Camarasaurus is apparently the most complete sauropod skeleton ever found!
One of the signs at the quarry said that a new species of sauropod, called Abydosaurus, has been discovered in the monument in a different geologic formation called the Cedar Mountain Formation!
Here is the skull of Apatosaurus louisae.
A Camarasaurus tooth on the left and several Diplodocus teeth on the right!
Skin impressions of another sauropod dinosaur called Barosaurus!
One of the tail spikes of Stegosaurus!
One of the plates of Stegosaurus!
Some of the baby Stegosaurus bones discovered in the quarry!
The skull of the small ornithopod Dryosaurus!
Unidentified lizard legs and feet.
A small crocodilian called Hoplosuchus.
A fossil conifer cone.
A fossil conifer branch with shoots!
The fossilized remains of an extinct salamander called Iridotriton!
The fossilized remains of the extinct frog Rhadinosteus!
A fossilized shell belonging to a juvenile Glyptops, a type of turtle!
A lungfish tooth plate from a fish called Ceratodus!
The shell of another extinct turtle called Dinochelys.
A fossil clam.
The fossilized belly scales of the extinct crocodilian Goniopholis.
The fossilized jaw bone of the same extinct crocodile, Goniopholis!
Next time: a few more petroglyphs and the Harper's Corner Drive!

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