Monday, February 3, 2014

Pictures of my Animals From My New Camera!

For Christmas I got a new camera, a Canon EOS Rebel! I have a ton of awesome pictures that I want to share, including pictures of my pets, some astrophotography, and more!  First, I am going to share some pictures of some of my various critters!  To see some higher quality versions of some of these pictures, check out my Flickr by clicking HERE!  First off, some shots of my beagle-basset dog, Daisy!
My mom with Daisy!
Next up are some pictures of my chubby kitty, Chimney!
Up next are some of my other pets, such as Juan Priestly the betta fish!  I have two, a delta tail and a veil tail, and I can't remember for certain which one is which.
In another tank I have two African dwarf frogs (Hymenochirus boettgeri), and this is the new one I got just a few days ago!  I named after the bright star Aldebaran in the Zodiac constellation of Taurus the Bull!
In the same tank, I also have a snail.  Petco (where the pets go) says that it is a gold Inca snail (Pomacea bridgesii).  However, that scientific name seems connected to a snail that is colloquially called the mystery snail, so I'm not entirely certain what this snail is.  So I suppose the name "mystery snail" truly does seem appropriate!  Anyways, I named him Liam, after Liam Payne in the fantastic band One Direction.  This is what I do to people I like, I name snails after them.  Maybe next time I will upload a picture of my other snail, Zayn Malik.
Second to last, here is a picture of Wolverine, my baby California kingsnake!
Finally, here is a picture of someone who is not my pet, and is actually a pet of some friends of mine, Isabel and Sam Lippincott!  This is their dog Louis, who was actually attacked by a coyote.  He is fine now, and is going to make a full recovery!

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