Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Behind the Scenes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo....AGAIN!

On Monday, my father, sister and I again traveled to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with my grandma and grandpa and got another behind the scenes experience from Kelley Parker!  Thanks again, Kelley!  No penguins this time, but we did get to feed the tigers and river otters, as well as see the grizzlies behind the scenes again!  Here are a few pictures and videos from the awesome trip!  I will add some more pictures and videos later on, as well as some pictures and video of other animals from the zoo from both this time and last time, as I forgot to upload any last time as well!  Enjoy!

Feeding the Amur Tiger!

Siberian Tiger Rolls Around

Feeding the River Otters at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!

Myself feeding one of the tigers!

The tiger playing with a pumpkin that we put into its enclosure for it....I will upload an awesome video of this later!

One of the other tigers staring at us from its yard.  Isn't it beautiful!

The third tiger staring up at us from below, in the enclosure that can be seen by the public.  Despite the fact that we were probably more than one hundred feet away and behind a wall with only a few tiny openings, it knew EXACTLY where we were!  How neat!

A cute picture of one of the river otters eating a trout chunk!
Another cute picture of one of the river otters eating a trout chunk!
One of the two grizzly bears.  Right before I took this picture he made a loud noise and kind of jumped at me, it scared the living daylights out of me!

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