Friday, February 8, 2013

Museum Spotlight: California Academy of Sciences

Another really cool museum that my family and I visited in California was the California Academy of Sciences.  They had lots of really cool exhibits!  My favorite was a prehistoric mammals exhibit, but unfortunately, pictures weren't allowed inside, so therefore I don't have any pictures!  We also didn't get to visit the whole museum, but the parts that we did we all really enjoyed!  But I did get a few pictures of some of the other really cool things, so here they are!  A brief overview of the California Academy of Sciences!  Enjoy!  First, we are going to look at what they call "The Living Roof," which is a cutting  However, although it does sound a bit unexciting, it was actually pretty cool, as the cutting edge garden was on the roof!  (Hence the name "The Living Roof," in case you missed that part.)  It actually always reminds me of the Shire from Lord of the Rings!
Although I didn't get any pictures of any prehistoric mammals, I did get a picture of another prehistoric animal!  Does anybody know what it is?
One particular exhibit was called "Rainforests of the World," which, as you can imagine, focuses on the worlds rainforests.  It was really cool, and it was all inside of this enormous dome thing!  But yeah here are some pictures from inside of the dome!
Finally, the last thing that we saw that I thought was really cool was this: an albino alligator!  Definitely don't see those every day!

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