Friday, February 8, 2013

Museum Spotlight: The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country

When we drove down to visit my Gramma Roo in Texas in December of 2011, we went to this fantastic museum called the Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country.  Although pretty small, the museum was still utterly fantastic!  Built next to a number of tracks from the Cretaceous Period, the museum was an excellent way to learn all about the local paleontology and geology of Canyon Lake and the surrounding area!  First off, we have a picture of a reconstructed theropod dinosaur named Acrocanthosaurus, the presumed trackmaker.
Next, we have a ton of pictures of the trackways and footprints that are assumed to belong to Acrocanthosaurus!
Now, in the picture below, do you see the parallel marks leading towards the Acrocanthosaurus reconstruction?  Those are thought to be the track of an odd-looking snail whose shell is really long and kind of flops over to the side, where it drags and leaves that mark!  Pretty crazy, huh!
Before we left, I looked around and found a lot of fossils all over the place!  The area was chock-full of them!
Photo Credit: Julie Neher
On our way out, we passed by this enormous ammonite.  It had to be two feet wide, at least!  It was incredible!
HERE is a link to the website for the museum!  It is most definitely a place worth checking out if you are ever down in that area! 

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