Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mr. Bones Visits the Morrison Natural History Museum!

Yesterday, Mr. Bones, a local dinosaur enthusiast who's created some amazing looking dinosaur skeleton suits, visited the Morrison Natural History Museum!  The museum was also visited by Greg and Meredith Tally and their children, the fantastic people who are renovating the Best Western Denver Southwest to be a dinosaur-themed hotel!  All of these folks were here to make a brief teaser sort of thing to promote both the dinosaur hotel and the Morrison Museum!  I took a little bit of video, as well as some pictures, so make sure to check them out here!
 Greg Tally is attacked by Mr. Bones!
 Running is useless!
 Just a little too big for the door!
Below, we have a picture of Greg Tally helping out with the cameraman and Mr. Bones!
If you want to see some video of the museum's encounter with Mr. Bones, check out the video below!
Here, we have some shots of Mr. Bones taking a swipe at the museum sign out on the road!
Kids LOVE Mr. Bones!
 One of his other suits, a Utahraptor!  All of the other shots are of him wearing his "Kindergarten Tyrannosaurus rex" suit!
 A size comparison between the two suits.
 Mr. Bones goes in for the kill!

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