Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Light Rail Coyote

There isn't much to this story, but it is quite amusing, as you can probably see in the picture below.

According to Blogger Andrew Smith, "This photo illustrates one danger of building light rail to the far-flung suburbs: unwanted riders."  What happened here?  Pretty much, in the winter of 2002,  a coyote boarded a Red Line Max train at the Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon.  As it says in the caption in the picture below, the coyote was gypped of its ride, and was force to deboard by the wildlife specialists at the airport.

Brief tangent: why would an airport need a wildlife specialist, let alone specialists, plural?  "For situations like this" you say.  OK, but how often do these situations occur?  I don't really, know, as I am not expert, but still.  Seems a bit shady to me.

Never mind.  I just looked it up.  Here is why: BIRDSTRIKES.

Anyways, the incident also led to the band called "Sleater-Kinney" creating a song called (can you guess it?) "Light Rail Coyote."  An interesting little story, to be sure.

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