Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ginger Kathrens and the Morrison Museum

So last night my friend Masaki Kleinkopf and I were hoping to see Ginger Kathrens, a woman who is big on horses, and presented three fantastic episodes for the PBS show "Nature" about a specific horse named Cloud (as well as other wild horses in Montana), speak at the Colorado Horse Rescue.  However, despite the fact that we were told that it was going to be free, it was not.  There was a ten dollar entrance fee.  We decided not to go but, since, Ginger Kathrens lives and often works in Colorado, I will probably get another chance to meet her eventually. 

However, at my volunteer job thingy at the Morrison Natural History Museum, I got the opportunity to work with Dr. Robert Bakker again, as well as a few other really cool people, like Matt Mossbrucker, Guy, and John, as well as a few other volunteers.  I also had the pleasure of meeting a few really nice folks from Florida who come up to this area of Colorado for the summer.  All in all, it was a pretty fun day!

Both Bakker and the Florida Folks were able to confirm what I had as a porpoise rib.  I guess "confirm" is not really the right word, as I thought that it was a giant ground sloth tooth. 

OK, again, I would just like to point out how awesome it is that I get to work with Dr. Bakker.  Although by no means the only source, or the only place that would say this, but this list of the top ten most influential paleontologists lists Dr. Bakker as number two.  That's kind of a big deal!  Some very, very exciting stuff!
I am a little too tired to do an actual, legitimate post, but we will be back tomorrow with "ANIMAL SPOTLIGHT:  THE OKAPI."

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