Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Can't Decide (Whether I Should Swim or Fly) (to the tune of "I Can't Decide (Whether You Should Live or Die)")

Numero cinco (he said in flawless Spanish) of our song parody series!  "I Can't Decide (Whether I Should Swim or Fly)" to the tune of "I Can't Decide (Whether You Should Live or Die)" by Scissor Sisters!  This song is all about penguins!

Here are the lyrics to the song:

It's not easy having yourself a good time
Greasing up those penguin feathers
Waddling around, as clumsy as ever
Molt and feed my young at the same time
My feathers are fluffy and look like cotton
I smell like something dead and rotten

But I'm a penguin tonight
I live in sea and not the sky
I'm just a loner baby
But your dance led me astray

I can't decide
Whether I should swim or fly
Cause swimmings got its perks
But then with flight I just drop by
OK, goodbye
Blue sky, I will abide
Where its cold and hard and petrified
Jump on in, through the water we'll glide
At low or high tide

It's not a cinch getting other penguin to like you
Steal their rocks you make them bitter
Even though they're dull and not shiny like glitter
Doing all your moves at the right cue
Mating dance until I'm crippled
Scarf ten sardines, they're raw not pickled

I've got to flipper it to you
You've played by all the same rules
But now you stole my mate from me
Although I scream like a banshee


Oh I could throw you in a lake
But you can swim for goodness sake
I won't deny it's not too hard to egg me on
Oh I could try and make you dive
But in the water you still thrive
Which makes me see that maybe
That's why

I stay alive, underwater I can fly
Because flight has its perks
But underwater by and by
I will defy
Other birds who like to stay bone dried
The cold is where I will abide
The world has yet another side
It really must be tried

Are you diggin' the songs?  Well, then check out our playlist below!

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