Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welcome to Stegosaurus Week!

This Saturday at the Morrison Natural History Museum in Morrison, Colorado, we will be celebrating Stegosaurus Day, in honor of Colorado's state fossil!  (To learn more, click HERE to be redirected to the Facebook page of the Morrison Natural History Museum!)  So, in honor of Stegosaurus Day, The Natural World is going to have ourselves a little Stegosaurus Week!  This post will serve as the Homebase for the weeks festivities!  Below, we have a schedule of what I hope to have us talk about this week: we'll see whether I end up sticking to it or not!  I am also going to be making a few videos, as well, so be on the lookout for those!
The Posts:

Sunday: Welcome to Stegosaurus Week!
             The Genus Stegosaurus Through Time
Monday: The Thagomizer of Stegosaurus
Tuesday: The Plates of Stegosaurus
Wednesday: Baby Stegos Galore
Thursday: The Morrison Biota
Friday: Stegosaurs of the World
           Part 1: China
           Part 2: England, France, and Portugal
           Part 3: South Africa and Tanzania
           Part 4: Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah
Saturday: Stegosaurus at the Morrison Natural History Museum

The Videos:

How Would Stegosaurus Have Sex? [FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY]
8 Truths about the Stegosaurus

The Songs:

The Stegosaur Song
Bone Wars, Marsh and Cope (to the tune of "Two Black Cadillacs")

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